What makes Monso Water stand out from other filtered water alternatives?

Monso Water Purifier isn't the only choice to get filtered water in your house. Although, we know that it is the best choice. However, we aim to provide you with a true comparison table with other options. So we gathered all the information we could on carbon filters, filter taps, filter jugs, and bottled water. Decision and the choice is yours after comparing all of them in this table!


Best Choice
Carbon Filters
Filter Taps
Filter Jugs
Bottled Water
Unlimited Filter Water
Instant Hot Water
Instant Chilled Water
Prevent Scale
Removes Fluoride
Removes Arsenic
Kills Waterborne Bacteria
Antibacterial Water Tank
6 months
6 months
12 months
When you run out
Weekly Cost 1st year
Weekly Cost 3rd year

Monso Water vs. Carbon Filters

Is that the most pure water you can get?


Size (UM)
Filtered By
Reverse Osmosis,
Sometimes Carbon
0.004 -0.1
Reverse Osmosis,
0.1 - 0.7
Reverse Osmosis,
Sometimes Carbon
Pesticides & Herbicides
0.004 -0.1
Reverse Osmosis,
Reverse Osmosis

Monso Water vs. Filter Tap

More functions and nicer to your budget.

The most costly option is a combined filter and boiling tap, which has a prohibitively high one-time upfront cost that often does not include installation.

The cost of running a Misty Water Purifier system, which has a more advanced filtration system and also offers immediate chilled and hot water, is also lower.

Monso Water vs. Filter Jugs

The more practical and healthier alternative

A filter jug is the cheapest filtered water alternative. It has a low one-time purchase price and monthly replacement filters are likewise reasonably priced.

However, due to issues with fridge storage capacity, a very simple filtering mechanism, the possibility of bacteria growth, and the unavailability of an inbuilt hot water solution, a filter jug may not be the best overall choice.

Monso Water vs. Bottled Water

Save money while saving the environment

Based on the short-term cost, bottled water may seem to be a nice option. However, over the course of three years, you may wind up paying more than if you rented a Monso Water Purifier system. You could get unlimited pure water just under 50p per day.

Then there's the environmental harm caused by the large quantity of plastic garbage produced each time you purchase bottled water.

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