How Monso Water helps you save the environment

We think you will enjoy the pure taste of cold water and tempting hot beverages while minimizing your environmental impact.

You can reduce your plastic waste by using Monso Water Purifier

Bottled water contributes significantly to the issue of plastic pollution which makes our environment a less liveable place.

Thousands of single-use plastic bottles are saved each year.

According to research by , 45 percent of plastic bottles used in the UK are not recycled and disposed of in landfills. But there is something you can do to support. Drinking purified water from Monso Water Purifier instead of single-use plastic bottles of water can save thousands of plastic bottles each year.

By installing a Monso Water Purifier, a family of four may save almost 1,000 plastic bottles in a year by drinking their recommended daily two liters of water from 1.5l bottles of water.

Get your re-usable bottle

Obviously, you can't simply go for a run with your Monso Water Purifier. That's why we encourage reusable bottles, which offer several environmental advantages.

When you get your Monso Water Purifier installed, you already eliminated the need to purchase single-use plastic bottles. Our Monso reusable water bottle is free of BPA, BPS, and bisphenol. This ensures that there are no toxins in your drink or being dumped into the earth.

We simply ensure that you drink healthy water

Bottled water contributes significantly to the issue of plastic pollution which makes our environment a less liveable place.

Monso Water Purifier gives you the best water

The fundamental concept behind Monso Water is to improve something we all need: water. To make the most of the water currently flowing into your house, we connect directly to your existing water mains.

Get the most from your water

Every time you push the button, our Monso Water Purifier purifiers your tap water, offering the best and refreshing water for you and your family. This means less single-use plastic bottles are used, less sugary beverages are consumed, and people are encouraged to live more sensibly, all the better.

We make sure that you will never boil anymore

A household kettle spends too much energy and water. With the Monso Water Purifier, you'll only get the water you need.

Do you use your kettle excessively?

According to the Energy Savings Trust, 75% of individuals confess to wasting too much water while boiling a kettle. Keep in mind that 40 percent of UK families boil the kettle more than five times* each day.

Save your energy, water and time

Monso Water Purifier, on the other hand, gives just the right quantity of boiling hot water at the touch of a button. It means you may enjoy delicious hot beverages while while reducing your environmental impact. *Source: At home with water report, published by the Energy Savings Trust

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