How do I get a Monso Water Purifier installed?

You can see all steps we go through to provide you the clean, healthy, and pure water.

The stress-free installation process

Order is placed

Once we receive your order, our team will make notes about your order to inform the relevant team and make sure that you receive a call within the 3 days after the order placed.

Receive a call to schedule

Our relevant team will give you a call to schedule the desired installation date. We will also inform you about the general terms of rental and answer if you have any question.

Engineer deliver and install

Once the agreed installation date comes, our engineer will visit you in the timeframe that is given to you. The installation will take approximately an hour.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Now you can start drinking healthy water at all times. If you are not happy, you can cancel within 30 days after the installation and we will give you 100% refund.

How We Install

To enjoy pure tap water, your water system must be connected to your water system. This is done with a thin flexible hose and a smart isolating valve, which means that it will not affect the water supply or other devices.

To learn more about how our delivery and installation process works, watch our sample instruction video (a sample model is used, it may not match the actual model you ordered) in which everything about the process is explained.

Can I install the Monso Water Purifier myself?

Expert knowledge is required to install a Monso Water Purifier system. Therefore, a unique, educated engineer will do all the installation. We also cannot guarantee that your warranty will stay valid if you perform the installation yourself.

There are no hidden costs – our professional Monso Water Purifier installation is free, no matter what type of kitchen you have or how difficult the installation is.

What to expect when we install

Choose the desired place for your Monso Water Purifier.

The most costly option is a combined filter and boiling tap, which has a prohibitively high one-time upfront cost that often does not include installation. Choose where you want to place your new Monso Water Purifier. They should be within 1.5 meters of an electrical source (plug preferred) and not more than 15 meters of the water supply (usually behind the dishwasher or under the sink). If you can't decide where to install your Monso Water Purifier, our trained engineer will help you pick the best place for efficiency, ease of use, and decoration.

Our engineer will connect Monso Water Purifier to the water mains

Our engineer usually make a small 6 mm hole in the kitchen counter and pull a thin flexible hose into the water source.

Monso Water Purifier connected using a smart isolation valve that will not affect your plumbing or other appliances.

Our engineer will give you a demonstration about how to use Monso Water Purifier

Once the plumbing is finished, our engineer will help you set up your new Monso water purification system.

This includes showing you how to set it up for first use, the settings of cold and hot water, setting autofill levels, and generally making sure it’s working exactly how you want it.

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