Smart Service

The efficient and practical solution to get limitless pure water

Why Smart Service?


You shouldn't worry about your filter changing times. When they need a change, necessary filters will be shipped out to your door.


You shouldn't stress about problems which could occur with your Monso Water Purifier. We will immediately try to solve the issue with your Monso Water Purifier. If we can't fix the issue, we will replace your Monso Water Purifier.

Affordable Cost

Enjoy pure water around the clock, every day, for only £4.62 per week.*

Smart Service saves you money

You will make your wallet happy with the Smart Service plan. It will cost you more when buying the filters, and replacing parts recurrently with Pay as you go plan.


In our Smart Service system, all your installations occurred by moving house or redecorating your kitchen are free. Just give us a call and our expert team will schedule a free installation for you.**

*Misty used as a calculation example
**fair usage applies

Smart Service or Pay as you go

Smart Service is just under 67p per day, costs less than a single bottle of water. Also with Smart Service, you will save over £120 per year compared to purchasing the unit and replacements parts recurringly and seperately.

Smart Service

Smart Service is a stress-free care programme that comes with everything you need. Smart Service will save you £120 every year compared to pay as you go plan. Also you will be comfortable and stress-free about everything.


/ per month
based on 5 years of Smart Service on the Misty model, included purchase price of the model.

SmartService includes

Misty Water Purifier £599.99
Filter change interval in system
Filters shipped to your door at right time
Check, repair and replace Service (Warranty)
Re-installations are free if you move or re-decorate your kitchen
Pay as you go

Pay As You Go plan offers to start with just the device and pay for additional services like filters and maintenance as required. Switching to our Smart Service plan could be more cost-effective, combining all costs into one convenient package.

Est. £40.17

/ per month
based on an average yearly spend on the Misty model in 5 years.

Purchase prices

Misty Water Purifier £1199.99
Your responsibility
All Filters Replacement £160.00
1-year warranty £75.00
Re-installation cost £75.00

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