Satisfaction guarantee

If within 30 days you’re not satisfied with your Monso Water Purifier System, we’ll come and collect it. That’s hundreds of glasses of pure water to enjoy while you make your mind up

How our money back guarantee works

You won't have to lift a finger to return your Monso Water Purifier System if you're not satisfied within 30 days.Our experts will come to your house, collect it for free, and refund you 100 percent of your money if the unit is not damaged.

The ability to alter your mind

We're assuming you've never had this system in your property before, but we're confident you'll like it.

That's why, if you change your mind within 30 days of your systemv being installed, we'll issue you a complete refund without any questions asked.


We will collect your Monso Water Purifier System at no cost to you.

If you change your mind, we make it simple for you by just calling us and we'll take care of the rest.

Our expert will visit to your house to disconnect and remove the Water System after we've agreed on a suitable time.


There are no hidden fees

We'll refund your money after your Water System has been removed and inspected for damage.

There are no hidden fees, no collection charges, and no fees for engineer call-outs.


100% of your money back, no matter how you paid

No matter with which payment method you have paid with, your money will be returned to you in same method once the Monso Water Purifier is collected.

We'll refund any payments you've made and terminate the plan, so no further payments are taken.


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